Tuesday, 25 January 2011


-Catch up in reading every blog followed! D: (I've been neglecting that... a lot)

-Reply to all comments and thank people following and COMMUNICATE, DAMMIT.

-Post more! D:

-Get some sleep and work out more!

Love, Elv.
(First school week of 2011, Monday to Friday. Oh yeah.)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Everything is going to be fine.

I really do believe that.


Not in a flamboyantly optimistic sort of way.

In a honest way.

I am mostly an optimist (and quite an idealist), but it hasn't got to do with it.

It has to do with the mere fact that things change.

No matter what you do, they change.

No matter how fucked up you think everything is.

No matter the fact you can't find a solution to the equation.

No matter how weird you think everything is.

Things will change. It will be different.

And in one or more ways, it's gonna be better.

Even if you know you haven't done well in an exam, you still are relieved. You wrote, it's over.

Even when you lose a friend, you feel better - no more pressure; maybe a strong bond with someone else.

And sometimes, it's just plain fine!

I honestly believe it when I say it, even if I can't see light at the moment, that everything is going to be fine.

Because it's going to be different. And you can see the good side of things. Or things will be good by themselves.

And goodness, just because!

PS. This is dedicated to A. You are stupid and awesome and very lovable.
PPS. My way to say "Happy New Year!!", I guess? May it be a awesome one!
PPPS. Blogger is stupid for not allowing exclamation marks in tags.
PPPPS. Cards are sent! I hope they don't arrive too late, but you know how the post is.
PPPPPS. My love of the day is exclamation marks, really!
I was reading someone's tumblr page and I saw this: "That awkward moment when you feel an actual physical ache in your chest because of the romance of two fictional characters. " Oh goodness. Story of my life. If you can relate, be nerdy with me about it! I'd love to hear.