Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sleepily random. Whatever.

So, first of all! GIVEAWAY RESULTS! :D

Unfortunately, I only got like, 4 comments. Still, that's okay, because I decided I'll make a card for all four of you! So, Maria G., Magda and Natalie, please send me an e-mail at to give me your address and stuff so I can send these babies to you! :P
(I already know the fourth commenter's address)

Second: The posts about Christmas traditions will go on, don't think I've forgotten them. I just had a lot of studying to do the past week. Also! My blog is going to go through a massive facelift, so don't be surprised if you come back and can't really recognise it. :P

Alsooo. It was my birthday about 50 days ago! I'm telling this to you now because my family's gift for me just arrived! And dude, is it awesome! My mom was super secretive about it and had asked me to give her some of my favourite paintings/drawings so she could use it for my gift. Of course I gave it to her super late, so the gift itself was late but I don't care 'cause I LOVE it. Have a look!

Apparently she has a friend that makes custom bags/purses and they designed this beautiful thing and dude! It's so steampunk-ish and beautiful and practical and also MY MOM'S THE SWEETEST. Thanks a bunch. Although you'll probably never read this. :P

Anyway! Time to go! I'm anticipating your e-mails, girls, and Imma post again soon!

P.S. My cousins were here for one day before going to New York. Gaaah awesome times but I'm waiting for them to get back so we can have more awesome times!
P.P.S. There's no real PPS. I'm just sleepy and random (sleepily random?)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Real quick entry!

This is just to give you a thumbs up that I expanded the giveaway deadline to December 17th! Though, to be honest, I'm tempted to send a card to everyone who comments there. Anyway, that's all, folks!

Okay, okay, because this is too short, here:

Even though I'm not really into romantic comedies and stuff, I adore "Love Actually". I wanted to post the Hugh Grant dancing scene but I couldn't find a video with it that embedding is available. Have some awesome Bill Nighy instead!

So I wanted to put here something more serious and all, but I have already put the song I adore right now in that giveaway entry (REGINA SPEKTOR. DUDE. I LOVE HER.) Unfortunately I can't think of anything else so here you go:

I find this song ridiculously awesome and adorable, for various reasons. Plus, I love saying "thank you" in japanese accent. (saank youu! xD)

Randomness is over, I'm off to wash my hair. Don't forget the giveaway!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas traditions Vol. 1

I'm one of these people who get ridiculously happy in the prospect of Christmas. I'm not really sure why is that, but I love how I gradually get into the holiday spirit as the weather becomes colder and the amount of days till the holidays grows shorter.

Also I must tell you that really, deep down, I'm a girl of tradition. Especially during Christmas, I want some things that completely say "holiday" to me, to be there. And as they make their appearance one by one and the spirit grows inside me, I decided I should count them here. With photos.

Christmas Tradition #1:

See this? It looks delicious, and it is. Tradition in my family has it so my grandfather is the one to bring home all the tasty Christmas food, starting with this beautiful thing called a panatone. (italian accent plz!) It's a really nice italian cake thingy that is eaten during the Christmas period and comes with caster sugar. I remember going with my grandpa and mom to buy these when I was little and eating them as breakfast every day during the holidays.

Damn! Now with the cold, I'm even more excited about Christmas!

PS. Don't forget the giveaway!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Something like a giveaway (?)

I find giveaways to be so much fun! That's why I decided to organise one, even though I don't even have that many followers.

What I'll be giving, you say?

Well... The three winners of this giveaway will get a Christmas card made with much love by me!

Yeah, I know it can't be worn or used or anything but I love making and writing cards for nice people. Shut up. :P

So, how to participate?

Write a comment here that will include one song you really like right now and three things you like about Christmas.

The giveaway is open internationally and even if I personally know you in real life! (though in that case I'm probably already making something for you). I'll draw the winners randomly and announce the results in December 17th.

Now hurry up and make these comments extra awesome! I'll be waiting for them!

PS. More posts are on the way! I have so many things to write it's not even funny.

Regina Spektor is so amazing that that's not even funny either.
PPPS. I wanna read the rest of the Scott Pilgrim comics. Right now. D:
PPPPS. Damn! I wanted to add a picture but Blogger isn't co-operating!
PPPPPS. Writing PSs is becoming a rather weird habit.