Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Real quick entry!

This is just to give you a thumbs up that I expanded the giveaway deadline to December 17th! Though, to be honest, I'm tempted to send a card to everyone who comments there. Anyway, that's all, folks!

Okay, okay, because this is too short, here:

Even though I'm not really into romantic comedies and stuff, I adore "Love Actually". I wanted to post the Hugh Grant dancing scene but I couldn't find a video with it that embedding is available. Have some awesome Bill Nighy instead!

So I wanted to put here something more serious and all, but I have already put the song I adore right now in that giveaway entry (REGINA SPEKTOR. DUDE. I LOVE HER.) Unfortunately I can't think of anything else so here you go:

I find this song ridiculously awesome and adorable, for various reasons. Plus, I love saying "thank you" in japanese accent. (saank youu! xD)

Randomness is over, I'm off to wash my hair. Don't forget the giveaway!

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  1. "Saank youuu" Muahahahahaha! Teleio!!:DDD
    Christmas is all around,yaaaay!


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