Sunday, 20 June 2010


Hello there, Elv and Vls here!

Yeah, long time no post, we know, but this one will be a quick one. Because...


Oh yes. We know. It's freakin' AWESOME. Oh God. We would be SO excited if our little siblings weren't so godsmackin' ANNOYING. Dammit. Little bit of a soundtrack, and we promise to post more stuff. But only after tomorrow.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Summer's knocking on our doors.

On June...

...I like: sneaking in my sister's room, borrowing her netbook, "stealing" other people's internet connections and surfing on the net by myself, in peace and quiet, in my bedroom. (my computer is in the living room -.-). And my pink transparent trainers.

...I don't like: that the last day of my exams I'm having an exam on ALGEBRA of all things.

...I want you to know: that blogging and receiving comments on my posts make me happy!

...I've planned: going out A LOT, getting a haircut, and painting more.

...I want to say to someone special: that no matter how much I used to love you, and how sad I am about all the things that have happened between us, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. I'm not willing to continue feeling like shit because you are angry or annoyed or whatever. Get some sense and then we'll talk.

(I'm doing the game from Notes from the Toothfairy :3)

Some music before going, because tonight Kat, Ion and I are going to the Maraveyas Ilegal concert. :D

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

This is a post about donuts.

...or just happy things.

I had thought about THREE very serious business things to write about (one about friendship, a review about 500 days of Summer that is stack in my head days now, and another thing about something I'm making). Still, I'm posting something that has to do with donuts and songs. Because, for no apparent reason, I feel HAPPY. I was just here in front of my screen, thinking of what I should do later and reading something over at livejournal - and then, I felt so happy I wanted to scream it out loud or something!

Instead, to save my neighbours' ears, I decided to share it here.

Here you go:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHiuoahrgv9woaehge24g920983r9y8uhyzix75ed12brl;egk=-03hiu-45hnbioryg3[4ytj -insert scream of happiness-

Why I'm happy? NO IDEA. I...I just suddenly felt such a huge inspiration inside me, and it was such a over-fulfilling, wonderful thing! I'm in the mood to do practically anything, and I'm so happy about it! Even if I don't really do something special, I'll be happy just for getting this feeling!

Anyway, I said this thing is about donuts.

On Friday, my younger cousin came to visit (from Rhodes, haha. He and my aunt came here for some celebration), and we were a bit bored, so we decided to bake something! Yes, we are the kind of people that bake/cook things when they're bored. Actually, we both love creating things in a kitchen - and for a 11 year old boy, my cousin is wonderful at doing that. He even wanted us to make something on our own with whatever we would find, but I protested because if we messed up, everyone would blame it on me. Or not. I just wasn't in the mood for gastronomic experiments. So I came up with this:

It's DONUTS, baby! :D A thing I've, like, NEVER made before and that is a bit difficult to make right. But who cares?

So we got the stuff we needed and did what the recipe said. The mixture was very, very thick, and very, very hard to blend nicely, but we did it! Then we spread the dough on the table and cut our nice, round donuts, and by that point I was really happy, really hungry, and tired after all the blending.

And then, I realised I had to fry them in very, very hot oil and all. How lovely. It was very relieving that my dad came home and that my sister and cousin convinced him to do it. (He held a grudge to me because I hadn't done the laundry xD)

Then he offered to help with the frosting, which came out very smooth and tasty, and was too much for the donuts, actually, so we ate the spare (yay! :3)

So here is the result of the next morning (after some hours in the fridge):

Yes, they tasted GREAT. :)

I also said I'd write about songs, but now I don't really have something to say. I'm not listening to anything right now, because I like the birds chirping outside and the sounds of the neighbourhood. They really make me feel like it's summer. C:

But here is a part of my summertime playlist:

Mungo Jerry - In the Summer Time
SEAMO - My Answer (a Naruto ending - the animated video is very nice and carefree!)
KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See
The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
The Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling (it's funny 'cause I don't like the band nor the style, but the song makes me feel very happy, and, in my opinion, it has a very summery mood)
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home
Train - Hey Soul Sister
Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

I will complete my list of favourite summer songs and then I'm thinking of making a picture for each one of them. What do you think? C:

Closing, I'll make a list of things I feel inspired to do now:

-Cook/Bake something
-Watch a film (suggestions?)
-Write some story or something
-Tidy and organise the monster of a bookcase I have (a lovely monster, but a monster nonetheless)

Well, I might not do anything and read more blogs :P

Until later! <3

(some more donuts just to make you jealous! :P)

PS.: thanks for the comments and follows! :)
PPS.: If you want the donuts recipe, just ask! <3