Monday, 7 June 2010

Summer's knocking on our doors.

On June...

...I like: sneaking in my sister's room, borrowing her netbook, "stealing" other people's internet connections and surfing on the net by myself, in peace and quiet, in my bedroom. (my computer is in the living room -.-). And my pink transparent trainers.

...I don't like: that the last day of my exams I'm having an exam on ALGEBRA of all things.

...I want you to know: that blogging and receiving comments on my posts make me happy!

...I've planned: going out A LOT, getting a haircut, and painting more.

...I want to say to someone special: that no matter how much I used to love you, and how sad I am about all the things that have happened between us, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. I'm not willing to continue feeling like shit because you are angry or annoyed or whatever. Get some sense and then we'll talk.

(I'm doing the game from Notes from the Toothfairy :3)

Some music before going, because tonight Kat, Ion and I are going to the Maraveyas Ilegal concert. :D


  1. Yep, a new haircut always makes you feel better!
    And I also don't plan to stay home in summer!

    Great post! Have fun 2night!!

  2. aaa maraveyas illegal <3 apla ta spane!
    xilia thanks ja to gluko sou comment, mou eftia3es pragmatika thn mera :)
    kai sena to blog s dn paei pisw apoti ktlvainw.
    Zwgrafizeis? AHAHAHAH molis diavasa oti dineis algebra teleutaia mera. Well I got some good news for you dear:
    egw dinw TWRA kai prepei na gurisw na diavasw ja poluwnuma kai horner kai apla DEN THELW.




    ok stamatw na vgazw ton psyxho eauto mou sto wall sou ;) perimenw nea sou kai na se 3anadw sto blog mou, xarhka polu!! :D

  3. ooh u should have some fun! after all you deserve it :) ALGEBRA SUCKS! (skisame kai shmra!)


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