Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Badass, people.

Hello people!

Yup yup, I know I've been neglecting this blog here, and you can only blame me... and the trips. and the studying. and manga, possibly.

Well, nothing big right now. I'm going to post this week about Prague shenanigans and Comic-con fangirlism, but for now, have this AMAZING thing:

Also apparently it is my BLOG BIRTHDAY TODAY? This is amazing, too. :D And what better thing to post on a birthday than a Badass Girl Manifesto! Hell to the yes, I say.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Aaaand I'm off.


You guys, this is so amazing! TOO AMAZING FOR CAPS LOCK, EVEN.

I'll be back in Friday (with photos to share).

In the meantime, have some chocolate:

First Days of Spring

It's the first time I'm so excited about spring.
Usually it goes mostly unnoticed - at least, the anticipation goes unnoticed.
It's the first year I've longed for spring so much. Rather, it's the first time I've taken in all the signals that show its coming. I didn't long for it until it was actually here.
It's the first year that I'm looking fondly at each blossoming almond tree.

I'm bored, I don't want to study. I stare outside the windows.
The sun is one of my favourite things right now.
I want to go shopping and buy fresh short sleeved shirts.
I'm listening to sunny music again, I want to punctuate everything with exclamation marks.

I want to run and dance in every wide space I see.
I feel like sharing and smiling all the time.

...This post would be much more suitable for last week. Right now, it's only dark and windy. But I'm keeping my spirits high! :3