Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sleepily random. Whatever.

So, first of all! GIVEAWAY RESULTS! :D

Unfortunately, I only got like, 4 comments. Still, that's okay, because I decided I'll make a card for all four of you! So, Maria G., Magda and Natalie, please send me an e-mail at to give me your address and stuff so I can send these babies to you! :P
(I already know the fourth commenter's address)

Second: The posts about Christmas traditions will go on, don't think I've forgotten them. I just had a lot of studying to do the past week. Also! My blog is going to go through a massive facelift, so don't be surprised if you come back and can't really recognise it. :P

Alsooo. It was my birthday about 50 days ago! I'm telling this to you now because my family's gift for me just arrived! And dude, is it awesome! My mom was super secretive about it and had asked me to give her some of my favourite paintings/drawings so she could use it for my gift. Of course I gave it to her super late, so the gift itself was late but I don't care 'cause I LOVE it. Have a look!

Apparently she has a friend that makes custom bags/purses and they designed this beautiful thing and dude! It's so steampunk-ish and beautiful and practical and also MY MOM'S THE SWEETEST. Thanks a bunch. Although you'll probably never read this. :P

Anyway! Time to go! I'm anticipating your e-mails, girls, and Imma post again soon!

P.S. My cousins were here for one day before going to New York. Gaaah awesome times but I'm waiting for them to get back so we can have more awesome times!
P.P.S. There's no real PPS. I'm just sleepy and random (sleepily random?)


  1. Poso polu m'aresoun ta monadika dwra! Einai polu omorfo kai prwtotupo! Ax poso xairomai pou tha parw kartoula!!! Sou stelnw tin diefthinsi mou! Efxaristw polu polu polu! :D

  2. Yperoxh h tsanta. Monadikh!
    Toulaxiston den 8a anhsyxeis mhpos thn exei kai kapoia allh. :p

  3. ααααααααααααααααα
    είναι self-portrait? νομίζω σου μοιάζει λίγο:3
    Χαίρομαι που επέστρεψεεες εσύ&τα ωραίαα σου posts:D
    άργησα λίγο αλλά τα διάβασα όλα:)

  4. Cool bag!!
    And yes, the title of that post was from Edward Sharpe. Love that song! Especially since I'm from Alabama and Arkansas!

  5. Wow, cool bag! :) Emailing you right now!

  6. Omagodomagodomagod!!Ti teleiaaaaaa!!!
    Se euxaristw para para para polu:)
    Na steilw thn dieu8unsh sto facebook? Thn stelnw!
    Kai h tsanta einai apla,pragmatika kai xwris ypervoles API8ANH! Monadikh idea, dn to suzhtw <3
    Filiaaa kai merry christmas!And thanks again!!

  7. Aaaaaw :/ a giveaway of christmas cards? AND I MISSED IT? :( daaaaaaaamn
    still, i can see your bag and god it makes me happy :) what a creative and thoughtful mom you got there :)

    wish you all the best, na xamogelas kai na eisai panta kala mikrh :)


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