Wednesday, 6 October 2010


The next two months, on Nieve y Lluvia:

Elviella's projects! Comics and more!
-To steal or not to steal: a copyright issue.
-Tribute to a summer that has passed for good.
-The librarian's tale: a short comic I drew over the summer.
-Why I love this movie or A review on [500] Days of Summer.
-Artists I admire/adore/am envious of pt. 2
-Friends are not forever: bits I've come to understand about human relationships lately.

Starting tomorrow with "Nice things and where to find them"

P.S.: Sorry for not being super active lately, I'm trying to get into a schedule here. Thank you so much for following me! 21 followers, YAY! I'll thank each of you personally once I have the time. :3
Birthday countdown: 2 weeks and 2 days.


  1. Woohoo!!
    Things are about to be veeery interesting:))))
    Looking foward to all of these,but most to the friends are not forever one.And I may have to add some points to it!:/
    KiSses kisses!

  2. Yioupiiii, ta themata sou einai teleia!!! Pantws na ksereis, etoimazw kai egw ena post gia to "500 meres me tin Summer" an kai to vlepw na argei akoma! Tha ithela na diavasw to post "friends are not forever" giati distixws me ekfrazei... Anipomonw episis gia ta comics sou! :D

  3. Haha, love this sweet "preview" post! I'm staying tuned! :)


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