Friday, 21 May 2010

How (not) to study Ancient Greek.

Hey there! Remember my last post? Well, I didn't come back to say if I finished, but I did finish and in fact I think I did very well in the exam. So here's a presentation of my studying method (note, not a very dependable method that is)

How (not) to study Ancient Greek

First off - Gather anything necessary.

1. Dossier with notes from class
2. Ancient Greek schoolbook
3. Helping book, part 1
4. Helping book, part 2
5. Notebook for anything that might occur
6. Ancient Greek grammar (nyaaah -.-)
7. Pens and pencils
8. Beverage of your choice (mine is lemonade, but that day it was coffee because I was far too sleepy - it is VERY important by the way, the spoon becomes a lovely distraction device once you get bored.
9. Clock - so you know what progress you have done, or rather, how much time there's left til you freak out.

Secondly - Get organised.

Before you decide to start studying, organise your books, so that you know which part of a book corresponds to what part of another one. This is probably the only thing that you will do that you will be very devoted and determined to finish, so do it well!

See the colourful little papers? I wrote on them what chapter of the book it is in that page, and with the same colour, there's the same chapter in the helping book. I only had two colours of post-it notes, so I used one for Xenophon and one for Thucydides.

Thirdly - Make a studying plan!! (which you won't keep)

(Sorry, forgot to take photos. It's not necessary anyway - No-one ever manages to follow their studying plan)

Then - Start studying!

You studying for like...what, half an hour? Hmm, maybe some more? Of course you're bored! It's time to KILL SOME TIME DOING RANDOM THINGS! -everyone's favourite hour!-

One of the best and most usual ways to do that is to shoot random photographs (going out for a walk, having a bubble bath, or going to hunt lions aren't as practical - your parents will figure out easily and, plus, you'll need preparations)

The worst quality the photographs have, the best! :D

See? Told ya you'd need the cups!

(The only excuse is that toes look cool. :B )

What else to photograph? Look around! Everything can provide an interesting subject. And by interesting, I mean random.

Okay, okay! Enough stupidity! I gotta study again. Fuck.

...But what can I do? I study, until boredom strikes again (after a little bit more than half an hour - small attacks of boredom in between don't count).

Bored of photos? Let's doze off for a bit - you don't even have to change position (my "dozing off" record is 45 minutes)

But - it's photo time again. There we go! Markers!

And shoes!

Once again - start studying! Time is running out! D:

Okay, this time some real studying happens - but then...

...I spot my mp3 player nearby. Now this is a temptation no-one can resist. D:

And since I like to draw while listening to music...

Oh, great. It's lunch time. And the exam is tomorrow? Oh, lovely. At least, that will make me study.

Indeed, now I get to study a lot. Still, not enough - I end up studying irregular verbs at 10 o' clock p.m.


Gah. At least it's over....

ENDING CREDITS - a collection of completely stupid self-photographs, because everyone does that. I prefer to take ridiculous rather than pretty photographs, and you'll see that.

...Now I have Physics. Great.


I'm off to go make BANANA PANCAKES now. YAY!


  1. I also have to study for exams, but when I sit and open my books, everything comes to my mind and I can't concentrate!
    Kali arxi me to blog sou!!

  2. I know! I'm extra-productive on exams :P

    Euxaristw polu!:D


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