Monday, 5 July 2010

July already!

Hello wonderful people out there!

I'm sitting right outside my front door in Rhodes - the only place in the house I can connect to the net. It's slightly uncomfortable and quite hot, but I love the sun on my legs and the electric blue tiles. :)

So here you go, the Notes from the Toothfairy game, from yours truly, Elviella, because I love doing this thing.

On July...

...I like: so many things! the sun. the sea. just walking around. working! (more about this one later) not getting enough sleep but not being tired. lemon sorbet. Rhodes' old town. my hair growing longer. my hair becoming a tad more golden. sunny songs. the beach. doing stupid things in the beach. white t-shirts.

...I don't like: the hairs on my legs. and the pain necessary to get rid of them.

...I want you to know: that I think that I should seriously write more here and that I hope to do that.

...I've planned: a short comic! :D It's for a contest in 9 magazine, and I'm really into it now. It's about a librarian. And some other things.

...I want to say to someone special: Good God, I SO miss you, Sherlock. And you should speak louder in the phone, most of the times I can't hear half of the things you say.

(I really wanted to have a picture here but I haven't any pictures in my sister's computer! I do promise some in the next post. C: )

Okay, now I'll explain the "working" thing. As some of you already know, last summer I worked for some time in a hotel, in the kitchen. Good times, really! So this year me and my dearest cousin are repeating that and I've already worked 8 days. We are planning of getting pictures and writing about our work, so you'll learn more about that. Most important thing is, I'm having fun, and I really hope you are, too. :D


  1. We do have fun here too,but WE MISS YOU ELVIEEE!

  2. Λοιπόν,
    Απο που ν'αρχίσω..
    η εύκολη λύση, αλλά και η χειρότερη παράλληλα, ΞΥΡΑΦΑΚΙ.
    αα μαρέσει πολύ να δουλεύω το καλοκαίρι, (ω ναι) αλλά ακόμα δεν μπορώ γτ είμαι 14, το βρίσκω διασκεδαστικό, και ειναι ωραία να είσαι οικονομικά ανεξάρτητη!
    καλά να περνάς!

  3. ahahahahh 3URAFAKI leei ^^
    like sto comment ths painted (polu facebook fash yaw)
    shmera exw ta kefia mou loipoooon... dn 3erw gt eprepe na htan ligo anti8eta, malln m exei varesei h zesth sto kefali!
    ANYWAY pww se fantazomai e3w apo thn porta me to laptopi panw sta mpoutia (KAIEI)
    douleueis gamato!? se kouzina? AKOMA PIO GAMATO
    an k an douleua se kouzina dn tha xwrousa sto aeroplano ths epistrofhs (h dn 8a me afhnane na mpw sto ploio for possible sinking reasons :P)

  4. I like lemon sorbet and Rhodes too! Good luck for the comics contest, I'd love to read it!! :)


    Αχαχαχαχαχαχαχαααχα γαματο comment :P τι να γινει... εχω συνηθισει τοσο το κερι που δεν μπορω να κανω τιποτα αλλο. το καλο κομματι ειναι οτι δεν φαινονταιιιιιιι οπως ανακαλυψα σημερα! :3 xD βασικα και 14 που εισαι μπορεις να δουλευεις για καποιον συγγενη/γνωστο σου. η ξαδερφη μου που περσι ηταν 13 παλι δουλευε :P

    lol poly facebook fash e? κι εγω like στο δικο σου comment :P ναι καιει! αλλα τουλαχιστον μαυριζουν τα ποδια μου απο τον ηλιο :Ρ (ποδια, χερια, τα παντα)
    βασικα αυτο με την κουζινα δεν ισχυει γιατι ολα μυριζουν τοσο πολυ που δεν σου κανει ορεξη να φας σχεδον τιποτα... ασε που και να φας κατι μετα δεν αντεχεις να φας τιποτα αλλο για μεσημερι και ολα καλααα :) εμενα μαλιστα μου εχουν πει πως αδυνατισα κιολας :Ρ επιπλεον ανακαλυψαμε πως η δουλεια στην κουζινα ειναι το ελιξηριο της νεοτητας! ολοι εκειμεσα δειχνουν τρια με δεκα χρονια λιγοτερο απ'οτι ειναι! :D (εκτος απο μας τις μικρες φυσικα!)


  6. Loipon! Katarxin molis simera anakalupsa to blog sou kai thelw na sou pw oti einai TE-LEI-O! Tha mporousa aneta na sxoliasw se ola ta post pou exeis kanei ws twra alla afou einai palia dn tha to kanw! Apo edw kai pera omws tha parakolouthw diarkws to blog sou! Perimenw nees photos kai posts! Kala na pernas stin Rodo! Talk to you soon ;)


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