Saturday, 17 July 2010

Artists I admire/adore/am envious of pt. 1

Hello there!

I decided to start making blog posts about some of my favourite artists and why they are in my favourites list, starting from Jen Wang, who was actually the one to inspire this idea anyway. I definitely wanted to do a post about her, and then I decided I should make that a series of posts about different artists.

You'll ask, of course. Why do you want to dedicate a post to this Jen Wang lady?

Has it ever happened to you to be really, really fascinated by a work of art? Truly, utterly fascinated by it? In a way that makes you want to just stare at it and take in all the details and understand why it looks like this?

That's what Jen Wang's art does to me.

Yes, her art is beautiful. Her style is lovely, and she uses her techniques well.

But, at least to me, there's so much more in it.

A few days ago, I decided to have a look at her site again. I was just looking for eye-candy, but I ended up looking at everything she has uploaded there and sitting in the same way for about two hours. And I don't usually do that.

I was sucked into the world of her paintings, savouring the colours and the atmosphere, staring at her works, trying to see fully into them. Somehow, they manage to really move me. They manage to evoke my feelings in a very strong way, that not many artists get to achieve. I immediately want to discover all the details, to try to find a story behind it. I don't care if her paintings are in a website and not a museum, or if the style is cartoony. They seem more real to me than a lot of things in the real world. Or, rather, some of them do. Others just look like from another world.

I know that you might not feel like this - after all, each person sees and feels different things, especially when it comes to art - but you can't deny it, it's plain good art, isn't it?




All works of art in this blog posts (c) Jen Wang.


  1. Wxx pote to ekanes auto to post :p?
    Mallon exw kairo na bw sto blog sou!! Anyway...exw na pw pws odws einai uperoxa auta p kanei!! Eidika ta xrwmata se merika sugkekrimena apo auta einai fovera :D Kai o tropos p sxediazei/zwgrafizei [ta bazw kai ta duo gia na pesw mesa se ena apo ta duo wste na mhn akouw th fwnh sou meta xD] einai tromeros!!!

  2. υπέροχα σχέδια!είναι ταλεντάρα!
    Θα ήθελα όμως να δω και άλλα δικά σου σχέδια(:

  3. Pragmatika katapliktika! Epsaksa sto blog kai exw entupwsiastei! Tha ithela polu na diavasw kai gia allous kallitexnes pou se empneoun... Na pernas kala! :)

  4. I had never heard of her before..but wowee,
    she's amazing! :D
    This is a weird thing to say, but you can sort
    of HEAR the atmosphere from the pictures..
    yea, I'm weird.

    I love your blog ^^


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