Monday, 30 August 2010


-Makis for being such a great teacher and so funny.
-the Chef for hiring us in the first place and for giving us jokes material.*coughthesexaholiccough*
-Thodoris A' for being the older brother figure and for giving me work to do when Maria wouldn't.
-Thodoris B' for all the Naruto recaps and for being funny too.
-Sergey for being the goodie of the place and for the nice singing.
-Litsa for yelling at everyone but us, therefore making us laugh.
-Mrs. Despoina for all the juice and the coffee and the tea and for everything.
-Maria, for all the breaks and for being so nice.
-Christina for being such a good friend.
-Christos for providing me with chocolate pie all season long and even for pulling a long face at us.
-Ahmet because he's awesome and hilarious (and for the fishing dough).
-Ivan for saying hello to me only.
-Erina for the biscuits and for being the kindest person down there.
-Elena for teaching me how to cut salmon for sushi.
-Jerry for all the beautiful photos and being almost as crazy as us.
-George for tolerating with us when we would be too hyper for everyone else.
-Prodromos for the ham and the eggs and because I would laugh at Valassia when she'd say he looked scary.
-Mr. Manolis for the bread.
-Mr. Nikos for the cooking tips.
-Mr. Ilias for the old stories about our grandmothers.
-Raphael for giving us small talk material without even talking.
-Markos even though I barely know him.
-Christina from Room Service for the water and the small talk and the capoeira courses.
-Mr. Tasos for the other old stories.
-George from the other restaurant for being eye candy for Valassia and, thus, laughing material for me.
-Vassilis for his disagreements with Valassia and Christina.
-Eugene and Alexander an Antonis for being so nice (and funny).
-Thanos for the cholesterol jokes.
-Sakis for all the other jokes, and for being polite (always).
...and, last (and kinda least)
-Arsen and Alejandro because even though they were annoying, they gave us stuff to talk (and be mean about).


PS.: Yeah. I stopped working and I'm leaving tomorrow, so, uh, I feel weird and sappy.


  1. It looks like you had a really nice time!
    Good luck with the shool return (;

  2. really sad of loosing you this summer :(
    But NEXT SUMMER i will have NO school or lessons so i will be always with you ;)


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