Monday, 7 February 2011

My Unpopular Opinions

( I saw this on Tumblr and I thought... why not? Since I don't have a Tumblr account... Here you go, Blogger.)

I can't really get why video games are supposed to be exciting. I always get bored.

I don't think happy endings are cheap or always bad - I just like them with a twist.

I haven't read any "classic" comics - DC, Marvel, etc. I'm not interested in super heroes - I started with Disney stories and then went directly to artsy, modern stuff.

I hate it when conversations turn pervy.

I also don't understand why sex is still a taboo, why thinking it is normal is either pervy or slutty and I don't have problems talking seriously about it.

I don't think communism = fascism. I strongly disagree.

I don't like painted nails. I have only recently started to think they're okay.

Dorky guys/girls are awesome.

I don't get why tomboyish/non-mainstream/nerdy girls shouldn't be attractive.

I try to think smoking doesn't make you cool... However, I can't resist believing that it does look so damn cool. (not a smoker, though)


(Also the suffragettes were awesome.)

Dead languages are also awesome.

(Feel free to do this yourself, it's great)

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  1. Prwta ap'ola exw na kataggeilw oti den mporw na vrw ti simainoun kapoies lekseis pou den kserw! Aman afto to google! Se egkataleipei otan to xreiazesai perissotero! Den kserw ti simainoun oi: pervy, dorky kai suffragettes...

    Parola afta exw na pw pws tha simfwnisw me ti sizitisi gia to sex kai tha diafwnisw me to thema tou kapnismatos... Uparxoun kapoioi anthrwpoi stous opoious pigainei, alla den nomizw oti prosdidei kati idiaitero (an eksaireseis tin asximi mirwdia) se kapoion tis ilikias mas... Afta!
    Filia polla! :D


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