Monday, 21 February 2011

Now this is really great!

It might be old news to you, but I was excited to hear that the Grammy prize for Best Album went to Arcade Fire's the Suburbs.

So excited that I started to dance around, in fact.

I mean, I was leafing through a magazine and there was a section about celebrities or whatever, mentioning how Lady Gaga dressed in the event and saying that she got the Best Pop Album prize, but nor her nor any of the others "big names" got the Best Album because it went to an indie rock Canadian band... Arcade Fire.

GUYS, I CAN'T EVEN -- This band is my favourite the last few months and they have beautiful, brilliant music and this just made me so happy!


Now I will proceed to linking you some of my favourite songs by Arcade Fire. Just because.

Crown of Love
Wake Up
Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
Une Annee Sans Lumiere
Ocean of Noise
(Antichrist Television Blues)
The Suburbs
Modern Man
City With No Children
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

(Sometime I will need to stop tagging almost everything I write as "randomness")


  1. your randomness is what makes your blog special:D
    den exw tous exw akousei pote alla iposxome na to kanw aurio:D

  2. Oraia. Eytyxos pou akoma den exei do8ei to kalytero album se kanan Bieber!! :p

    Se eyxaristw gia to omorfo post sou. Mou eftiaxe th mera! :)

  3. πωωωωω σκιάχτηκα και μόνο με τη σκέψη πτης λα ρομαντικ από πάνω! Πραγματικά πρέπει να εφευρεθεί αντι-τζαστινμπιμπερικό εμβόλιο!
    Άκουσα λίγο από το συγκρότημα που προτινεις και όντως είναι πολύ καλοί:)) Μαρ΄σει η μουσική που ακούς:)


  5. kai na kai h fatsara sou:

  6. reeee -apla den mporusa na to afisw asxoliasto-
    TI TELEIA i wink back fwtografia sou*.*
    pragmatika eisai toooooso glikoula kai dimiourgiki kai apla i fwtografia itan toso fantastiki kai artistiki (molis eftiaksa kainouria leksi, w nai) kai ithela na sou pw oti tin agapw*.*
    ligo akiro comment alla den pirazei ithela na sto pw:D

  7. tha symfwnhsw!!! h wink back phto apla YPEROXH daksei! artistic :)
    as for the band, congrats!!!

  8. Arcade Fire are awesome. Love this post. :)


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