Saturday, 7 May 2011

There's always mustard in my sandwich.

My friend said on Friday that it was anti-diet day and I thought it was so cool! In general I'm anti-day anything, but a day against diets sounds most certainly awesome.

So Friday being the last day of school, we had a lot of spare time... and we went to eat!

As I frequently say to my mom, if my family has taught me anything for sure, it is the importance of enjoying my food.


  1. Αυτό το σοκολατένιο πραγματάκι το λιμπίστηκα! Και το τσιζκέικ λιμπίστηκα! Πάντως και εγώ γιόρτασα την ημέρα κατά της δίαιτας! Βγήκα έξω και του έδωσα και κατάλαβε! Και δεν είχα και τύψεις πάνω απ'όλα που έφαγα τόοοοοσο πολύ!

    Φιλάκια! <3

  2. wow O:
    craving for a slice of cheesecake (or two, or three).


  3. Haha I like this. I have never dieted in my life!


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